Place To Visit In Malaysia 2014

Just came back from my second time travel in a state call Malacca which is in Malaysia.
Was nice but the travel time was so short.I hope next time will be stay long time .

The night was so perfect.
This restaurant I just passed that night.
I missed there.
Nice music,nice dinner,nice people,nice view.

I didn't went to this restaurant to had my dinner.
But I want to go there now,immediately.
I really missed it and I just saw the menu of this restaurant.
All the dish looks so delicious
But I can't take the photo for the menu

 I don't know what this mean.
But I think it looks so cool.

I loves this photo so much,btw thanks for my nephew to took this photo.

The city is just so pretty and awesome,even the noise car and the bad environment is really bad but I think travel is always good to me.

Day 2

I was had my lunch at this restaurant,the weather was sooooooooo hot that day.
I was keep sweated under this hot weather.

A lot of people was queued at this restaurant.
This restaurant famous is just bcause the chicken rice.
And the chicken rice ball.
It was sooooo delicious,I want to eat the chicken rice so muchhh


I don't really remember the location of this restaurant 
But this restaurant name is 'He Ji'

 Use this photo to do ending .I will upload my vlog once the video is done.