Healthy Bread | Low Calories Oatmeal Bread

Today I want to sharing to you guys one for my favourite bread I made.
It is low calories.Each slice 120cal.
Is really a low calories if compare to other bread you can buy at market or bakery.

This bread is really super easy and super fast to bake.Prepare all the ingredients and mix together and put into the oven is not gonna take you many times.
Just 10mins you are all done.

Ingredients you need
1.Oatmeal 2 cup and 2/1 cup
2.1 tbsp Chia Seed
3.50g of grapes (you can instead it to 2 banana,which will taste more sweet and delicious)
4.4 Eggs
5.2 tsp Baking Soda
6.2 tbsp Honey
7.1/2 cup Water
8.A pinch of Salt

1.First you put all the ingredients into the blender to blend.
2.Meanwhile preheat your oven to 120celcius
(All the temperature is depend on different oven brand,as me I decide to set 120celcius,normally you can set 170celcius,but mine is different)
3.Once all well combined you can just pour the mixture into the bake mold which already cover by baking parchment.
If you don't have baking parchment you can spray oil onto it to avoid the bread will stick on it.
4.All is ok you just put your mixture into the oven,bake about 55-60mins.
5.You are ALL DONE.


 Hope you like it.

If you think the bread is not too sweet you can add the honey to 3 tbsp or 4 tbsp.

Remember you are making Healthy Bread.