Low Calories | Olive Oil Pasta

Today will be teaching you guys how to cook this really easy and spicy and delicious fry pasta

And first I think maybe will have someone is care about how much calories this is.
I gonna tell you is around 480-500cal 

Really low calories pasta.
Because usual the pasta we know ,example like carbonara(500-600cal),creamy pasta(550-600cal),tomato sauce pasta(400-500).

But in all of they if gonna say which one is properly the low calories pasta gonna will be tomato sauce pasta.

Because cook tomato sauce pasta they usually use fresh tomato and little bit olive oil and of course pasta.So which is the second low calories in the list.
If carbonara,creamy pasta is really high calories because they use a lot of milk cream and cheese and moremoremore cream&cheese.So this is the reason why they calories so high.

Ingredients you will need
  1. 70g pasta
  2. 5g of chicken leg (other meat is totally ok)
  3. 1 chop chili
  4. lettuce
  5. paprika powder
  6. salt
  7. pepper
  8. one chop garlic
olive oil


1.First to season your meat,I use a pinch salt and pepper to season it and let it rest until I gonna fry the chicken. 

2.Meantime you can start to boil the water,once the water is boiling remember to add a pinch salt into the water.And just drop your pasta to cook about 8-9mins.
Also you can add in the lettuce to cook in the water together,just few minutes.Because we want the lettuce is fresh colour and beautiful green colour.

3.Meantime when cook the pasta you can start to fry your garlic and chili.
Add about 1tbs olive oil into the fry pan,after the oil is hot just add your chop garlic into the fry pan.
Remember is better low heat to fry the garlic,if the garlic is almost golden colour just add into the chop chili and fry it together.

4.Also don't forget to add your meat after adding your chop chili.Because the meat I cut into thin piece so is gonna cook fast.

5.When you fry the chili and garlic and meat, the pasta is definitely done,so you can put the pasta into the fry pan and fry together.

6.At the time you fry the pasta remember to add about 1/2cup of the water you use to cook the pasta and also adding a little bit olive oil,a pinch salt to season it.

7.Once it all done,just spray the paprika power on the pasta and remember put the lettuce on the plate first after then put on the pasta.
NOW,you are ready to serve your delicious pasta.