The 5 Reasons Girl You Should Travelling Alone

Nowadays a lot of girls had been travel alone

Because most of them is want to finish they 'To Do List' before they die,some of them is want to try what the exactly feel when travel alone.

Now I gonna tell you reasons why girl you should go travel alone.

1.Get out from you Comfort Zone
Human live in Comfort Zone.This is basic.But trust me if you don't get out from your comfort zone you will don't know how much pretty and how much amazing the world is outside from your comfort zone.You should give it a try.I know a lot of human afraid to get lost if get out from comfort zone.Of course when first I also like this,but I really want to be brave so I step forward and get out from my comfort zone.

You know what? The world is amazing and make me shock.Because I start to realize how awesome once you get out from the comfort zone.
Sometime is fun,sometime is scary,sometime is horror or etc.

Anyway,trust yourself and trust the world .You should get out your comfort zone and explore the world.Get to know many thins while travel alone.

2.Get to know yourself
Even you travel alone or with your BFF.You will get to know how much you know yourself exactly.Maybe sometime you think you can't do this stuff,but if you go to travel maybe a chance will make you know how good you can do the stuff.     
Because no every time travel will be good and not gonna happen anything.It will happen.

Sometime will happen emergency while travel.So when the time you will need to solve the problem or think how to get through the problem.It will make you know yourself more better and know yourself ability under this kinda situation. 

3.Get to know friend from the other country
I'm the kinda backpacker which is always choose hotels to stay while travel
.It is cheap and the most important point is you can get to know a lot of backpacker or traveler just like you from the other country.

When I am travel alone I usually will chat with other traveler while I am at the hostel.We always share our experiences while during travel and maybe will discuss which country you or me had been went to.
It was amazing while you are listening other traveler share their experiences to you.Some of them maybe will recommend which country she/he think is better to travel alone.And also get to know friend at hostel is good because if you at the country which female get out in night is dangerous so you can ask the friend you know at hostel to get out together.

Get to know friend while travel is free and is gonna be 100% awesome.
Trust me

4.ENJOY the time while alone
The feel you travel alone is really make you surprise.Because while travel alone you will feel happy and excite.But some of them will feel lonely while night because maybe you want to share how beautiful the scenery at front of you immediately but you realize you are travel alone.You have no friend beside you.But no every time travel must will friend yous should give yourself free time to travel alone,get to know how amazing being alone.

5. Explore the world alone
Most of us always travel with friend.But why you don't try to travel alone?
No one know who are you so of course you can do very insane things at other country.If with friend of course you gonna be good but not too insane.But I love to travel alone is because I can go to some place I usually don't brave to go when I at the city I live.But when travel alone you can go to the place you used to no brave to go,you can do the insane thing you used to no brave to do it.Maybe you can get drunk all the night,you can go to nightclub and spend many times in the club.Crazy experience is worth.No one know you so you can do it FREE.

So now give yourself a chance and trust yourself.


Girl!! You can do it.