Korea Tteokbokki Recipe |떡볶이

Today will sharing a recipe is Korea Tteokbokki.Is really delicious and really easy to cook.Just under 30 minutes you will be finish this Tteokbokki .

So let get start !!

1.Tteokbokki 1 Pack (3-4 serv)
2.Chop green onion
3.Korea chili sauce
4.Soy sauce 4 tsp
5.Sugar 4 tsp
6.600ml water

1.Boiling the water,just pour the Tteokbokki into the boiling water cook about 8 mins.
2.At the same time you can start to fry your chop green onion.
3.And once the Tteokbokki is finish cook you can just pour all your Tteokbokki into the saucepan to fry together.
4.Now pour about 600ml water into the saucepan.
5. You just add the sugar,korea chili sauce,soy sauce into the Tteokbokki soup. (You can adjust the flavour you want)
6.Cook until the Tteokbokki soup is boiling.
7.You're DONE!!


This recipe can serve about 3-4 persons.
Hope you guys like this super easy Korea Tteokbokki.

Left any comment if you have any question :)

Korea Tteokbokki Recipe