How To Bake The Perfect Molten Cheese Tart

molten cheese tart

Today I will be sharing the super EASY recipe for The Perfect Cheese Tart.
Not gonna say a lot so let's get into 'How To Bake The Perfect Molten Cheese Tart'

This prepare time is gonna take around 1-3 hours including for the tart to cool down and other things.

So let's get START!

Ingredient A
1)Superfine flour 160g
2)Unsalted butter 90g
3)Egg yolk 1
4)Milk 20ml
5)Sugar 20g (if you want more sweeter you can add to 40g)

Ingredient B
1)Cream Cheese 70g
2)Whipping cream 50ml
3)Milk 50ml
4)Lemon juice 10ml
5)Sugar 20g
6)Egg yolk 2
7)Corn flour 5g

1.Mix sugar,butter.Need to mix well
2.Pouring flour into the mixture,using the rubber scraper to gently mix all together.
3.Adding egg yolk and milk to the mixture.
4.After you combined well,it gonna become a dough.
5.Using food wrap to cover the dough and put to cool off into the refrigerator for 30 minutes until 1 hour.
6.After taking out,using rolling pin to flatten the dough.Not too thick not too thin.
7.Using any circle mold to cut out the tart shape and just place into the tart mold.(As me I don't have the tart mold so I using the cupcake mold to do this work)
*Using fork to poke holes for making the tart more easy to exhaust the extra air during baking
8.Bake about 180c for 15min.After this put to cool off into refrigerator while making the Ingredient B
9.Right now we gonna start to make 'Ingredient B'.Separating water heats cream cheese,whipping cream,sugar until it melt.
10.Pouring milk,lemon juice,egg yolk,corn flour.Stir it and you are done!
11.Pour the Ingredient B into the tart and put into refrigerator for 1.5hours.After it just take it out and blush the egg yolk on it to making more beautiful during baking.
12.Bake about 180c for 10min.Not too long because if baking for above 10mins it gonna not have molten cheese tart anymore.Trust me!


This is my first time for making Molten Cheese Tart.The result is just soooooo perfect and I highly suggest you guys eat the tart ASAP because once it cool down for long times inside the tart is become kinda solid?I think,you just need to eat it after let it coll down for 10min cannot be too long.

So I hope you guys love this recipe,be sure to Pin if you think you will make it or you like this recipe.Also I had edited a video for this,not tutorial just little clip.. XOXO

molten cheese tart

molten cheese tart