How to be Mentally more stronger?

Success is paradoxical, so the life is. It is more about committing mistakes, constant decisiveness, understanding the journey and rebirth. There’re numerous definitions of being successful. A homeless may dream success as getting a leak-proof shelter with enough food stock so that kids don’t starve. A gas filler might see success as landing on office job to not face adversity by weather. Professionals on jobs see success as becoming self-employed and an entrepreneur may disguise success with a shiny car.
We all pledge life as a journey and believe in growth as a process. Besides the metaphorical explanation to success in life or business, for now we tend to be practical towards money and making ends meet in day-to-day life through these ways.

1. Self-love and acceptance 

How to be Mentally more stronger?

There’s no hard and fast rule to succeed. A farmer plough the land, sows, waters, does his best effort to fertilise and reap the benefits of the hardships endured during the whole season. Yet maybe there’s no crop or the rotten product with shrubs or parasites. There’s no guarantee to success except the effort in continual learning and never giving up. There are hardships and failures on the road to success, yet giving up never suffices the purpose. We need to accept ourselves and keep pushing to reach the motive. It is your journey; no one else is meant or bound to understand it.

2. Learning from mistakes

How to be Mentally more stronger?

Nobody on earth can claim of not committing mistakes. Since success is not an eventual achievement, it takes courage to accept and learn from mistakes. One of major difference between successful and not-successful people is carrying burden of regret and living in the past. These self-proclaimed justifications eventually build a wall hindering the process to learn. It’s good to be a perfectionist on learning from mistakes instead of becoming a perfectionist and not trying. Bruce Lee once said: I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

3. Physical exercise

How to be Mentally more stronger?

Our life is based on our physical self. We cannot blame the environment hindering us to succeed. It’s proven in scientific research at countless platforms that physical activity is essential for human mind. It is learned through experience of various successful entrepreneurs that no-physical-activity spoils a creative mind. I feel like full of creative ideas and energy after a hike, it kills gloomy-regretful-thoughts, gives new perspectives towards life and helps build mindfulness. Try!

4. Know your why

How to be Mentally more stronger?

We all passionately indulge ourselves in hard work, knowingly that it’ll eventually end up with no results. Human mind is an enormous machine which feeds all the past instance, learning and mistakes at one point to facilitate decision process. We have to make a decision based on why we tend to do something instead of what we are doing or how we are doing it. It is very simple yet way more complex to understand “why” I write this blog post instead of how I write it or what I write in it. Do you want help? Go through My Why.

5. Walk your talk

How to be Mentally more stronger?

Enough said! It’s time to act. Critically analyze if there’s a gap between verbose and the action oriented game-play. Do I look on Pinterest quote cards or find inspiration in TedTalks and forget? I have never seen a business prosper which is only discussed rather built, implemented or failed. That’s how successful people position themselves, tend to stay away from naysayers, build their own community of positive people and take decisive action.

A successful person has to surround himself with inspiration and positive. It’s commonly said that you are a product of 5 people you spend most of the time with. In today’s era it is not difficult to find likely-minded individuals or groups to share thoughts through a generous act of mutual admiration.

*****Guest post by Areeb. He is a coach and media expert, can be followed on @AreebMasood (Twitter)