Singapore Trip 2015

On 25-27/04 I went to Singapore for take my Korean Language Exam.

And I also stay more 2 day to just relax and chilling at SG.

I had took a lots of photo and edited.
I uploaded all the photo to my vsco journal.First I thought can save the photo again even I delete it and can save from vsco journal again,but I 'm wrong,cannot......

Click to go to my vsco journal

Totally sucks

I try my best to upload the photo as I can,so don't judge.


Is my exam day,the time I need to appear at school is at least 9:40am.
But after I prepare all things and ready to get out my home is almost 9am.

But the exam school have the shuttle bus to take us to school which is at a bus stop near the school.
Unfortunately,the shuttle bus service time is from 7am till 8:30am,so which me I have not got time to take the shuttle bus.

After I arrived the school area is almost 9:30am,under this suck situation,I have no choice so I take the taxi to go asap.

God! I arrived the school just on the time, 9:40AM.

It is totally a rush time,I feel the world is almost end while I think I can't even make I can arrive school at the time..

After exam is almost 4pm. Sound crazy but actually is not because I met some new Korea friends at there.Awesome experiences.

And at 3pm I went to Orchard ,went to ION Sky.I think is basically not thing,but after I went to there,the view for SG just like a photo show at front of me.


Around 5pm I went to Marina Barrage to had a lovely picnic,the weather just so good,wind blow my hair.

I bring my skateboard to there also,because actually Marina Barrage is a place you need to go through a huge park and a flower park.

Basically my day of that day just end .


On today I just went to Orchard to try the macaron.

I think is look so pretty but after I tried I just think I'm eating a candy,is just toooo sweet.....I can't accept where so much people love this thing.

Sorry,I can't even eat all the macaron,just one bite I almost want to throw the macaron to the rubbish bin.

I think macaron is good to take photo but is not good to eat.

And after all this bad moment I went to Vivo City just chilling.

I went forever21,I found this sunglasses,and guess what.

YES! I bought it,I had almost 8 pair for sunglasses,now another one is here.

After all this,on 18-20/06 I will go to travel AGAIN.