The Color Run 2015 Singapore

I was been to The Color Run 2015 on 22/8/2015

It was sssosososos fantastic.
It is been really long times I didn't felt so happy in this whole year.
This is really my best memories I had been in this year.2015

I just want to quickly share all my memories and all the photo I took when TCR.

Is really have over 300++ photos,so I can't really share and show all the photos I was took. Sorry.

Really feel so good when passing the color station,I even laying on the floor and just roll my whole to try to get as much as the color powder onto my whole clothe.And I still remember I want the volunteer to spray the color powder onto my clothe,shoe and face even hair.

Literally I felt really happiness when that time.
I can't stop laughing and smiling when I was running and passing the color station.
Even right now I still smiling and writing this post at the same time.

I JUST DK... I think I'm really happy,right?

There got around like 4-5 colors stations.
I can't really remember all the color station..
I think maybe 5 colors station...I guess.

After we finished the race we just go to the party stage immediately.
And you'll get the new pack color powder when you end up your race(I got the color powder at the finish station.

 This is one of my fav photo I had took after this event

I love all the color that having on my whole part in my body.
I wish my life also colorful as the color on my body.
Really..... I hope.

And we also got the color painting as well.

Idk the painting will bright after the night is coming.
The color will bright when the stage lighting is light up our face.
It just so awesome.

 The DJ is just tooo awesome.

We start the party in 5pm and we end up in 8pm.
The energy is just too full .

I didn't feel any pain or tired through this 3hrs.I just feel so happy and high mood.

This is the best event I had joined in my whole life.
I want to join TCR since last year I saw a post on FB.
But while the time,the register period is over .
So I need to wait until next year,I really enjoyed with it ..really...I swear.

I definitely will join again on the next year.

Please wait for me..Next Year

The Color Run 2016 .

I want to join TCR in the whole world,get a chance to try different way to play it.